Zoom Top Tips – Supercharge your Zoom Use

One of the most used tech platforms within my business is Zoom – the cloud based video meeting platform. I use Zoom multiple times per day for client meetings (much more efficient than battling Sydney traffic) and at least daily for my team catch ups.  Its simple to use and is extremely reliable. I recently had a few questions from a client new to using Zoom so thought I’d share three little known or used features for the platform to help you supercharge your use.

1. Personal Meeting Room | Lock the Door

With the paid version of the platform (I recommend you upgrade for this feature alone) you receive a personal meeting room ID. A personal room with a static ID you can use whenever you wish without pre-booking.I use this room ID to confirm location of my automated online meeting bookings (using Acuity Scheduling). So not only are my meetings automatically scheduled but the meeting room is also confirmed all without me having to lift a finger.A client questioned the privacy of this as the link has been shared with many clients – what if they accidentally click on it?  Your personal meeting room has a feature to ‘lock the door’ once everyone is in – eliminating the risk (or embarrassment) of unwanted guests showing up.


  • Within personal meeting room
  • Click Participants
    • Click more
    • Lock meeting

2. Forget to Record?

The record meeting feature is very handy.  I personally use it to record training sessions for clients, the team record parts of our meeting when I’m demonstrating how to complete something and clients will often ask for a recording of our consulting sessions.

But what happens when you forget to hit the button?
Simply set your account to record every meeting and never have an ‘uh oh’ moment again.


  • Log into your Zoom account
  • Click My Meeting Settings
    • Click ‘recordings’ tab

    • Turn ‘automatic recording’ to on

3. Want to Change Your Look?

Need to take a meeting at Aunt Bettys house or working out of your spare room?  Sometimes our physical environment doesn’t project what we want it to. With Zoom, you can simply upload an image and it will replace your background.

TIP:  This can be great if you use Zoom to record videos for marketing, your website or promo purposes.


  • Log into your Zoom account
  • Click My Meeting Settings
    • Go to ‘In meeting (advanced)’
    • Turn ‘virtual background’ to on
  • In your desktop client, click settings
    • Then click virtual background
    • Choose an existing background or upload a personalised image.

Also ….

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil and aren’t quite looking yourself – touch up your appearance with some softer focus


  • Head to settings in your desktop client (as above)
  • Click video
    • Click ‘touch up my appearance’

It’s always important with any new software you are using to review the features and check your settings.

If you’ve not set up your Zoom account properly, head on over to your settings and set the parameters that work for you. There’s a whole bunch of features we’ve not shared here such as password protection, breakout rooms and camera control. Take a few minutes and see which features will benefit you.

If you’re confused by your technology or not sure that your software is working for you, book a call with Debbie today and discover just how far your technology can take you.