Every business owner knows that time is one of their most valuable assets.  So why do we waste so much of it with out dated ways of working?

On any one day business owners complete many actions that are replicable, however most will complete these actions time and time again out of habit without much thought into how to make it quicker and easier.  They’re too time poor to step back, define the action, create a system and let it flow.

Building a very simple workflow will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done – where information needs to be shared and what the action is.  We can easily identify how it should be done and by whom.  So how do we do this?

  • Draw out a flow chat or enter the details in a table.
  • Identify each step to complete the activity.
    • Is each step necessary or do you complete it out of habit?
  • Understand the action
    • Can you complete the action quicker by use of a template, checklist or online form?
    • Does information need to be shared elsewhere – can this be automated?
    • What tools are involved in this action – can we connect them?
    • Can you document the action and have someone else complete?

Building seamless systems isn’t rocket science but it does take time to define  and refine.

Spend an extra hour today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow and ever after.