What’s Your Why?

I was recently reminded by a very smart friend about the power of why.

Why do you work in your business?  What motivates you to continually strive for success?

An initial reaction may be freedom to create your own working environment or the ability to make money for yourself but most small business owners are driven by something much deeper –  the passion behind what they do, their purpose for driving their business forward.  Their Why.

It’s taken a few years for me to truly discover mine.

After taking time out of my business to spend with my young son, I realised that as small business owners it’s easy to become consumed with the never-ending tasks that we need to complete during the working week.  It becomes difficult to allow ourselves time with our family and to pursue outside passions as there’s always the big picture to plan and the detail to complete.  We know its not healthy for our body or soul but all too often the panic and overwhelm takes over and we feel chained to our desks.

After discovering this, I realised I had a unique set of talents that would allow me to help other business owners in a practical manner.  I’m passionate about how simple processes and using new technologies can have a strategic effect on not only your business but your overall life.  By simplifying and automating the functions within your business you can work smarter, reduce frustrations, negate stress and importantly have time for the other things that are important to you.

Every small business owner works hard to succeed in their business but its time to stop being busy, and get productive.

That’s my why.  What’s yours?