VA Ready Program

67% of business owners struggle to focus on the primary purpose of their business due to the administrative burden. Sound familiar?

Imagine having the time and expertise to employ a Virtual Assistant that has an immediate positive impact on your business and your time.

The VA Ready Program does that for you.

The outcome? A level of productivity and business growth you never thought possible.

How Does It Work?

Debbie Eglin, Productivity Hub’s Offshore VA Readiness Specialist, uses a simple four step process working at a strategic level to identify what your business needs from a VA. She creates the processes and documents, trains the VA to your best practice and monitors task execution to make sure your VA is never under-utilised and hits the ground running.



  • Identify your administration needs and define tasks
  • Understand your current processes and your personal style of working
  • Share our knowledge and experience of how working with a VA will elevate your business

We then meet twice per month to define new tasks and processes and monitor progress.


  • Develop your current and required workflows
  • Enhance your current process where required
  • Develop new systems where there are none
  • Define best practice for your business

Each new task and process is documented.


  • Fine tune your workflow processes
  • Develop additional materials such as checklists and templates to support best practice
  • Document personalised instructions of how to complete tasks
  • Map your VA onboarding plan

 Each month we complete the previous months tasks and implement the new.


  • Implement your personal onboarding plan
  • Provide structured training with your VA
  • Supervise live tasks
  • Provide continued guidance and support

Then What?

At the end of the program, your business will:


Have structure around workflows and task management


Own the checklists, templates, training videos, and all documentation Debbie has created which streamlines process but also becomes a financial asset to your business


Have the opportunity to continue working with a skilled Productivity Hub VA trained in best practice and already adding value to your business


Have the tools and documentation required to source your own VA.

At the end of the program, you will:


Trust your VA to complete the right tasks at the right time in the right way


Focus on and get strategic about your business


Have the time to drive sales and profit


Be confident enough to step away from daily operations knowing everything will keep moving forward


Spend more time with your family and friends


Be less stressed.

When I found Debbie, I had just lost my current virtual assistant, was in the middle of promoting a major event, AND launching a major new program. It was the worst time to lose support!

I hired Debbie to set up my administration systems properly so that when we hired our new assistant, it would be super easy. It was a chance to put my house in order without any of the time or energy or focus I could not afford.

It was the biggest blessing. Debbie made it super easy! After a couple of quick interviews, she went away and did all the hard work, and produced easy to follow workflows, admin procedures, and even how-to videos. Fantastic!

Zoe Routh

Leadership Mentor | Author | Speaker | Adventurist

I had tried outsourcing my administration previously with varying degrees of success but knew I needed help in the business to be able to scale.

When Debbie spoke with me about her VA Ready program, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Productivity Hub’s VA program has given me the time and space to focus more on the things that a business owner needs to: lead generation, growth strategies and development of IP. My admin and core tasks are magically taken care of.

Debbie and her team of VAs have been great to work with – they’re trustworthy, hit every deadline and advise when there’s a smarter way to do something. Having completed the program I now have all of my administration tasks documented and video procedures recorded so I can easily bring new people into the business – they really do make it easy.

I recommend you give it a go. I’m sure – like me – you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Charlie Pidcock

Sales Trainer & Coach | Mentor to Sales Leaders | Sales Conference Facilitator

Our Founder

Who is Debbie Eglin?

Debbie is the Founder of Productivity Hub and wields her organisational superpowers to help busy entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and business owners.

An expert in workflow development, design and documentation, Debbie is skilled and experienced in out-sourcing and onboarding offshore Virtual Assistants successfully.

A contributor to small business website, Flying Solo, Debbie’s approach is simple yet precise, accurate and achievable. She makes working with a VA easy.

Common Questions

How does the VA recruitment work?

You deal with Productivity Hub founder, Debbie Eglin and her client services manager for the duration of your program. During this time, Debbie is interpreting the tasks you need completed into defined and streamlined processes. Her VA team are then trained in your methods to complete these tasks.

Once you have completed your program you will continue to deal with our client services manager who has been with you every step of the way, and the team will continue to complete your tasks. Debbie will be available for strategy meetings to ensure you are getting the most out of your admin support

How do you train the virtual assistants?

We will define and document the tasks to your best practice and train our VA’s to complete. We provide comprehensive video instructions and all supporting documents like checklists and templates required to complete the task perfectly. We also quality check tasks before they go live.

How do I know what the assistants can do for me?

During the discover phase of our 4 step process, we’ll work with you to define exactly what your VA can do for you. We’ll also bring our vast experience and identify some out of the box tasks that will benefit you and your business.

Doesn’t it take longer to show somebody else what can I already do?

We define your best practice with every task you want to outsource. You only need to do this once and it will be forever documented for all existing and new staff.

What is your confidentiality clausing?

We can supply you with our confidentiality agreement or are happy to sign yours. You may wish to have a separate agreement with the company supplying your VA.

How much time will this take me?

We need just a few hours of your time each month to complete your planning and strategy calls with Debbie and your client services manager and sign off on certain tasks before they go live – everything else is handled for you.

How do you want us to provide documents?

You only need to share with us how you currently complete the tasks. We’ll define and document everything for you. If you don’t have a solid process in place – we’ll develop one for you.

I’ve used freelancer before and a couple of others and haven’t been happy with the results.

Our experience is that this happens when the business has not prepared – the  VA’s were not provided with the necessary information, onboarding and training to allow them to shine.  As with any new staff member it’s essential to provide this in the early stages of employment to achieve success.

Can you advise on the best business systems that I need if I need them?

If you don’t have task, project and communications systems in place, we can advise on those best suited to your business and implement on your behalf.

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