Technology Updates & New Features

I always get a little bit excited when a platform I use releases some new updates. It’s a little like opening an unexpected gift from your 5 year old – you are very grateful but not entirely sure it will be useful.

Here’s my round up of just released features for a couple of my favourite platforms – platforms that I know you’re using too.

Acuity Scheduling

If you don’t already use an online calendar booking system Acuity is worth taking a look at. Other platforms are Calendly & You Can

New Release Features:

Minimising Booking Gaps

If you get annoying gaps between booked meetings that don’t allow you enough time to focus and get things done this new feature will help. You can choose to have no gaps between appointments – Acuity will only allow appointments to be booked immediately before or after an existing one or to allow big gaps between appointments – you have the ability to set the buffer time giving you time to get stuff done.

Once enabled Acuity will manage your calendar like your most awesome PA.  Read More

Make Me Look Busy

If your calendar is a little light on appointments and you want to look busier than you actually are – this feature is the goods. Choose the percentage of available time you want to hide – when someone books in Acuity will adjust your availability and release a new appointment.

This feature will make you look in demand – even when you’re not.  Read More

Get the app

Don’t forget to get the app.




Mailchimp is a great email marketing platform for small business – if you are looking for simple and cost effective (the base plan is free) email marketing – this may be for you.

Mailchimp have released a swathe of new features over the past quarter aimed at competing with the top end of town ….

Landing Pages

This is BIG. You can now create free landing sales pages from within Mailchimp either to use as a sign up opt in page or sell products. There’s limited templates to work with however they are in the process of releasing more. If you’re boot strapping your start up – these free landing pages could be a life saver and generate $$

Read More …

Free Automations

This feature has been free for a number of months but if you’re not using it you are missing out.

Automations are not only sales tools – get creative with them. Email automations can be used for annual reminders or celebrations, client or staff onboarding or even periodic check ins.

Find out more … 

If you’d like to find out more about the best way to use these platforms in your business simply book a call – there’s no obligation or expectations just good old fashioned advice.