Success Stories

After struggling to manage my VA for a couple of years I engaged Debbie to help. I felt like I was drowning in managing the day-to-day mechanics, having to provide constant direction to my VA and figure out all the technology – this meant no time to sell and deliver to my clients.

Having worked with Debbie now for almost 6 months I can say she’s changed things remarkably.  I now meet with her weekly, we discuss my needs and whats coming up and alongside the VA team she makes it all magically happen.  I now have time to be the thought leader, develop and sell my programs and deliver – exactly where my skills set is!

If you want your business set up to run with processes in place so that you can get on with what you do best, then I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough. She is dedicated, insightful and proactive in her dealings with you and she will get you up and running in no time.

Thank you, Debbie.

Susan Ingall

Invest In You

Debbie was such a big help in getting me sorted with Asana, along with Excel and just general organisation within my business. She’s so easy to work with, so calm and patient and really goes that extra mile for you. Debbie did these little short videos for me so I could prompt myself about how to work software. I would highly recommend working with Debbie to help get your business set up with some systems!!

Jacque Yates

Principal, Three Little Pigs Colour and Design Pty Ltd

Thanks Debbie.

Thank you for your support and guidance. Your communication was excellent throughout the project and your genuine interest in the success and growth of my business made working with you a pleasure.

Ros Gervay

Founder, Artist & Host, Ros Gervay Creative

Debbie’s assistance on critical projects and program management has been key to our success. The efficiencies that have been created through automated processes have had significant bottom line impact and her day to day support has been a life saver. Her responsiveness and attention to detail has meant that I know things are in safe hands when Debbie is on the case!

Margot Andersen

Founder & CEO, Insync Network Group

Debbie and her team are fantastic. They are knowledgeable and helpful about business systems and come to the table with different ideas on how to utilise them in your marketing + sales processes. If you need to streamline book a call – you won’t regret it!

Robyn Saurine

Founder, Humane Yoga

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and heartache, hire the team at Productivity Hub immediately! They helped me with my social media presence (which they *claim* is not their core strength) and I was blown away by the difference they made – quickly and consistently.

Importantly, Debbie shows in big ways and small that they truly cared about me as a human being – and this is the kind of person you want on your side! I have raved about her and the team ever since we met and am happy to give this review here, with tons of GRATITUDE too. THANK YOU!

Marta Grutka

Speaker, Strategist & Success Mentor, Marta Grutka

Debbie is a joy to work with: smart, efficient, clear and clever. The work she did on my business transformed it forever for the better.

Kath Walters

Author & Expert Book Coach, Kath Walters

Working with Debbie has been wonderful, with amazing support throughout the whole process and regular check in’s as well!

She made it easy to make sense of my current workflows specific to my business, worked out how to streamline them and create an easy to follow process to implement across everything I do. This is saving me time, making sure my clients are looked after and that nothing is missed in my creative or business admin processes for each and every client and project.

Highly recommend Productivity Hub and Debbie to get you working smarter within your own business and breaking those bad habits easily.

Rhiannon Hopley

Professional Photographer & Graphic Designer, RH Photography & Design

I’m an illustrator and running my own business and was getting bogged down in admin. In a two hour productivity session, Debbie helped me identify the pain points in my workflow and gave me simple, effective solutions.

With a few practical systems for my calendar and communications, I’ve already noticed I’m spending less time on emailing and more time on making art. She was warm, engaging, listened to my particular issues, and provided a solid follow up plan that I found easy to execute after the session. I highly recommend working with Debbie if you want to automate and optimise your workflow.

Aley Hughes

Graphic Artist & Illustrator, Aley Wild

For a long time, I’d had on my to do list, creating an intranet for my business. But I had no idea where to start and was completely overwhelmed. The team at Productivity Hub made the process so easy from start to finish. Their professionalism and competency meant that the project was underway and completed within the expected time frame. I simply could not have achieved it without them. I would highly recommend Debbie and her team.

Sarah Collison

Principle OT / Owner, Verve OT

Debbie was like a lifeline to my business. She took me from overwhelm and total confusion about which systems to use and how they would work seamlessly into my particular business. I had some processes and systems in place when we met but I needed guidance around how to best pull it altogether so I could grow and scale my business efficiently. And get all the information out of my head for others to follow! Debbie helped remove the overwhelm I felt and guided me to map out the overview and then set a plan to break it down and work on small chunks at a time. I’m still in the process but Debbie’s guidance was invaluable to get me started, thank you!

Sarah Yarrow

Founder & Principle Designer, Sarah Yarrow Interiors

How fabulous to feel like I’m on top of things at work! Debbie took me through Asana and showed me how it could benefit my business. She helped me to identify processes and create templates that would streamline regular activities. I have saved so much time and feel more organised and in control, knowing that I have a process to follow for all my projects. Debbie is very approachable and very knowledgeable, and I have no hesitation in recommending both her and Productivity Hub to anyone in need of some next level organisation in their work.

Kate Hewish

Founder & Landscape Designer, Horte Couture

I approached Debbie initially to assist with the implementation of Asana into my Interior Design business. I wanted to fast-track the implementation by setting up Asana effectively to streamline workflows and improve productivity. This quickly morphed into providing training for a small group of like-minded Designers.

From our first conversation to the 2-part training and post-training follow-up, Debbie has been professional, engaging, supportive and responsive. She sought to understand our needs and, therefore, deliver the tools, resources and guidance we needed to achieve our goals.

It was a pleasure to work with Debbie and the training provided will significantly improve the way my business is managed.

Donna Allen

Interior Designer, The Space Within

I have just completed a two half day workshop with Debbie primarily on Asana. Debbie took the time to understand my needs and helped out with much more than just Asana in an effort to make my business and me more productive. I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough. The sessions were very interactive and easy to follow with lots of support both during and afterwards. Thanks so much Debbie.

Jennifer French

Principal, Inside Out Colour and Design

We’ve loved working with you and The Productivity Hub team and have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Debbie, you’ve genuinely helped us make some lasting changes to our business which has been hugely beneficial not only to our current team but also to our future growth plans.

We are going to continue to work through our implementation – it’s an ongoing process. We are completely ready to take improving our efficiencies to the next level!

Soraya Calavassy

Director & Co-Founder, neon black

Debbie was the essential catalyst for me to build my online course The Purpose Project. I’d been putting it off all year and knew I needed someone who could break down the workflow and processes with me and also load up the course on Teachable in a way that would ensure seamless integration between various technology platforms without the need for manual intervention. She solved my problem hands down and also helped guide me into good decision making at time. being new to this online learning platform was challenging and Debbie made it easy! Nothing was too much trouble and Debbie really went the extra mile! I would 100% recommend her.

Carolyn Tate

Purpose Educator | Author of The Purpose Project, CarolynTate.co

I worked with Debbie to sort out my productivity issues. Actually it was a complete lack of systems and processes. Over a 2-hour video conference session Debbie pulled my scrambled thinking out of my brain and created a structure of what I was doing manually each time I worked with a client, set up a project or managed my admin.

A follow up session addressed other questions I had, and I now have a productivity audit roadmap that I will be using to systematise my business.

Debbie’s approach is warm, engaging and non-judgemental. Crucial for me who knew what I wasn’t doing.

Overall I can highly recommend Debbie’s service and I’ll be using more of her expertise again.

Maree Burgess

Trainer | Leadership Coach | Facilitator | Author, MareeBurgess.com

I worked with Debbie from the Productivity Hub this year to identify gaps and problem areas within my business systems. Her advice was incredibly detailed, and she gave me a stack of tools and ideas that are now helping me gain efficiencies in many areas. I’d highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get organised in their business and free up time for more important work. Thanks Debbie!

Fi Mims

Branding Photography Specialist, FiMimsPhotography.com.au

I’ve just enjoyed a 4 week holiday – first time I have been able to have a full holiday from the business since I started it in 2011 and if that is not the biggest compliment to you and your assistance I don’t know what is!

We have been working hard to get our workflows into place, I have adjusted our client plans to better utilise our time, I have my admin support creating documents that detail all our systems and I now have a part time business manager that I am flicking EVERYTHING to so that I can spend quality time on the jobs that really need my attention!

It really was invaluable having our session and I am so grateful!

Erica Jeffrey

Owner, The Island Creative

Creative Plus Business originally engaged Debbie from Productivity Hub to help us set up a multi-calendar SMS appointment reminder system. This process turned out to be quite complex, but Debbie persevered and created a system that functions exactly how we need it to. Since automating our appointment confirmations, our no-show rate has dropped by 80% and we have saved 10 staff hours per week. After getting such fabulous results, we engaged Debbie to do a full Productivity Audit to help guide our process overhaul and this has been invaluable. Debbie and the Productivity Hub team are patient, thorough and undeniably, experts in their field. I could not recommend them enough!

Lillie Brown

Marketing Manager, Creative Plus Business

Thank you for the invaluable advice and support you’ve given to Profitable People to improve our systems and create efficiencies. I can highly recommend Deb to anyone looking to improve and streamline their business processes to become more productive. I have learnt new and innovative ways to improve how I run my business.

Kath Harris

People-focused | Leadership | Relationship Management | Enabling Change, Profitable People

Debbie worked out not only my needs but where I was in being able to implement – she quickly worked out that this world is not one I am comfortable in despite knowing how much I need it.

Karen Matthews

Business Reinvention Specialist, KarenMatthews.com.au

I hired Debbie to improve my CRM system and overall productivity in my business. After a thorough analysis process, Debbie delivered a detail report with many, highly useful recommendations on how to do things differently. We then implemented a new CRM system together which saved me heaps of time and headaches. I’m now able to quickly see where my business development process is at and have gained valuable hours back. Debbie has been a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, reliable and with a great sense of humour to make the daunting tasks a bit lighter. I highly recommend Debbie and her team to any small business or practice who want to increase their sales and productivity.

Ingrid Messner

Transformation, Leadership & Performance Coach | Facilitator | Systems Thinker, IngridMessner.com

Thank you Debbie. I have engaged Debbie and her team for multiple projects. Debbie has delivered exceptional quality with a great sense of humor and excellent customer service. Projects have been delivered on time and within budget. I have recommended Debbie and her team to my coaching client’s who have all had great experiences.

Debbie and her team have helped with projects such as Website updating; the transfer from Infusionsoft to Active Campaign; multiple email sequences; social media content creation and implementation. If we don’t know how to do something we will ask Debbie first.

I have used multiple VA services in the past – there are VA services and then there is Debbie and Productivity Hub. More than a VA service, Productivity Hub is an online business management service.

Jo Muirhead

Founder and Principal Consultant, Purple Co

Productivity Hub introduced our team of remote workers to a system that has not only maximised our time, efficiency and communication; it has streamlined the way we manage our projects from start to finish. Debbie’s training was thorough and intuitive, ensuring we received tailored advice and continue to get the best results from our new CRM system. We are so pleased with the outcome, and feel organised, productive and on-the-ball at the close of business each day. Thank you Debbie and the team for all of your support and guidance.

Susie Campbell

Commanding Officer, Little Black Book Marketing

Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the advice and fabulous work you have done for us at Crave Property Advisory. As a business that is scaling up, we needed help to efficiently document our processes, maximise our existing systems and prioritise improvements. I couldn’t believe that we would see such a big change after that initial session. I felt so relieved after receiving all the process documentation from you. On top of the amazing results, you’re such a pleasure to work with.

Debra Beck-Mewing

Property Portfolio Specialist and Buyers Agent, Crave Property Advisory

I had tried outsourcing my administration previously with varying degrees of success but knew I needed help in the business to be able to scale.

When Debbie spoke with me about her VA Ready program, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Productivity Hub’s VA program has given me the time and space to focus more on the things that a business owner needs to: lead generation, growth strategies and development of IP. My admin and core tasks are magically taken care of.

Debbie and her team of VAs have been great to work with – they’re trustworthy, hit every deadline and advise when there’s a smarter way to do something. Having completed the program I now have all of my administration tasks documented and video procedures recorded so I can easily bring new people into the business – they really do make it easy.

I recommend you give it a go. I’m sure – like me – you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Charlie Pidcock

Sales Trainer & Coach | Mentor to Sales Leaders | Sales Conference Facilitator, CharliePidcock.com.au

As a result of working with Debbie in the last three months I have gained an extra day a week, which I can now use to develop content and grow my business. From her initial internal productivity audit, to the effortless migration onto a more efficient CRM system, to the development of highly efficient, more streamlined procedures, Debbie has been the ultimate professional: she delivered on every target we agreed, was always on time, went above and beyond the level of support she was contracted to give me and always with a smile. If you’re serious about running your business in a smart and efficient way to save you time and money, I highly recommend Debbie Eglin.

Alessandra Edwards

Expert in Executive Peak Performance With Personalised Genetic Strategy | Coach & Mentor | Speaker | Author, AlessandraEdwards.com

When I first set myself up as a solo-preneur with a thought leadership practice, I started working with simple systems to cater for a smaller client base. Now with almost 4 years under my belt it became obvious that my spreadsheets and simple systems were no longer scalable. Something had to give and if I wasn’t careful that would be me!

Enter Debbie.

– She audited my practice and workflows.

– She made recommendations for me to work on my own or to outsource.

– And perhaps most significantly, she then set up (and trained me) on a CRM to help me manage my burgeoning client load more professionally and more effectively.

Now? I’m loving my new found ability to rely on systems and process to help me manage client progress, and not my memory. After an initial steep learning curve (which Debbie supported) I’ve reclaimed at least 2 hours per week which I can either spend on creating new content, or looking after my own health and well-being. Plus I can see this will help me to continue to scale my practice so I can help more women tackle BHAGS more confidently!

Amanda Blesing

Helping women into the C-suite - Mentor & Expert in Visibility for Leading Women | Talent Development & Career, AmandaBlesing.com

I have been in business for many years always studiously working hard and thinking in the back of my mind that there must be an easier way of doing things.

Synchronicity always plays an important role in everyone’s life – the timing was perfect. I met Debbie at a business networking group, after listening to her presentation I knew that she was the person I was looking for.

At our first meeting, Debbie had compiled enough information to profile my needs and set an agenda to start changing the way I do business.

Debbie explained how to create processes to streamline and articulate the many facets of my Design based renovation service. Using different platforms to assist the process Debbie started to demonstrate how to be organised and in control of your work flow and the team members that create a successful business. Debbie has changed the way I do business – I can’t thank her enough.

Cherel Millist

Director, Brilliant Design Concepts

Productivity Hub has been easy to work with, insightful and knowledgeable. I have enjoyed having the relief of all of our systems down out of my head and “on paper” ! Now my project is completed, we can really focus on expanding the business and we’re ready to go.

I would have no hesitation on calling on the Productivity Hub to continue work when we need it. Please ask Deb for my number if you would like to speak to me personally regarding my recommendation and experience.

Belinda Woolrych

Principal - Property Makeover Specialist, Speaker, Author & Franchisor at Papillon Styling & Renovations, Papillon Styling & Renovations

I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie earlier in the year at a presentation she was giving on productivity. As a business owner, I always founds other things to do rather than systemising my work flow and documenting essential tasks. After the listening to Debbie’s presentation I knew I had found the person to assist me with getting this in place. I have been working with Debbie now for several months and she is amazing, always on hand to answer questions, even if you have asked it previously, constantly checking in to ensure I am still on track, making me accountable and creating systems that can be easily adopted by staff. Debbie is amazing, efficient, easy to talk to, patient and above all professional with an in depth knowledge of all things related to productivity. The best investment I have made in my business.

Robyn Hawke

Qualified Interior Designer I Interior Decorator I Colour Consultant I Commercial and Residential Designs I CAD, Inspired Spaces Aust, University of Western Sydney

I just wanted to thank you for your hints and tips on increasing productivity in my business. What was most useful was the advice you provided regarding the most suitable software tools to incorporate into our business management processes. I had been looking at a number of options and started down one path, however, after speaking with you I know exactly what product to use and why. With the suggestions you’ve made I’m confident that there will be numerous business efficiencies that will lead to time and cost savings.

Catherine Rickwood

Ageing Populations Researcher, Strategist, Speaker, Blogger, Three Sisters Group, University of Sydney

The switch to cloud-based systems and remote staff has been a big change in the way I do business. The proliferation of productivity programmes and apps has caused me quite a bit of confusion and I found out that a cloud-based mess was just as bad as a paper-based mess. Then I got introduced to Debbie Eglin of the Productivity Hub and engaged her to sort out the problem, even though I was not sure what the problem was. Debbie’s focused, but empathetic approach to resolving my problem, meant that I got to know what programmes I should have and how I could implement them in easy to follow ways. In addition, Debbie set up a lot of the processes and templates that I now have. I recommend Debbie to anyone in business who is overwhelmed by the technology that is supposed to make things easier, too much paper-work and general confusion. She has the ability to make simple things simple again.

Bryan Worn

Business Mentor – Author – Speaker – Facilitator – Creating Independence for Business Owners, Bryan Worn (previously The Clarity Coach) Thought Leaders Business School

I have been working with Debbie from Productivity Hub to get my administration systems organised and implement processes into my practice.

Debbie was so patient, very generous with her time and able to meet me at my level. She really simplified the whole process for me to even make it enjoyable!

I cannot recommend Productivity Hub enough as it has enabled me to have easy to follow workflows, administrative procedures supported with how-to videos, which has really reduced the overwhelm I was initially feeling. So much gratitude!

Deidre Dattoli

Executive Trainer, Mentor and Keynote Speaker, DeidreDattoli.com

We worked with Debbie to get a lot of processes out of my head and into the real world. She helped us integrate our sales process into the right technology and set up a powerful client project management solution by integrating a few platforms together. Now we can easily proactively manage client work across the company. Clients have more access to information and files are stored centrally. She certainly knows her stuff. Highly recommend.

Kaylene Grieve

SEO & Social Media Strategist | Online Marketing, Sales, SEO & Social Media

I engaged Productivity Hub at the start of the year to bring my business up to speed with the latest online systems and to develop the right processes. We needed defined workflows to help our productivity, improve communications, and be less stressed about everything that needed to get done.

Through Debbie’s help we’re now working in a more streamlined way with automated tasks and project workflows – we’re not only saving time by working more effectively but are less frustrated and overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

Debbie’s approach and work ethic is great. There’s high attention to detail, she addressed our business objectives and ensured all was done to such a high standard. Thank you, Debbie for being so caring and efficient, it has made things so much easier!

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Professional Accredited Coach and Training | Facilitator in Leadership Development, Gaining Outcomes

Debbie has been a fabulous help in helping me organise my admin tasks and implement processes in my business. This has, in turn, saved me an enormous amount of time so I can get out and talk to more clients instead of being stuck in admin. I would highly recommend her to any small business, to improve productivity and document your processes.

Sally Prowse

Owner, Sandcastle Finance

Deb was exceptional in her commitment to helping me put systems in place with my business. She has fresh ideas and creative approaches which really worked for me. Deb is a great listener and skilled at responding to what was important for me in line with my values. I have recommended Deb to several friends and family members and would always think of her first to assist any business owner to get their business on track.

Gerry Mobbs

Practice Director, Peace of Mind Clinical Psychological Services

I can thoroughly recommend Debbie to help you get your workflow and processes all thought through and written down and then where possible automated or outsourced. Deb loves systems and processes and technology that makes boring work simple.

I have really appreciated her careful approach to helping me get the back-end of my business organised.

John Drury

Business Mentor, JohnDrury.biz

When I found Debbie I had just lost my current virtual assistant, was in the middle of promoting a major event, and launching a major new program. It was the worst time to lose support!

I hired Debbie to set up my admin systems properly so that when we hired our new assistant, it would be super easy. It was a chance to put my house in order – without any of the time or energy or focus I could not afford.

It was the biggest blessing. Debbie made it super easy! After a couple of quick interviews, she went away and did all the hard work, and produced easy to follow workflows, admin procedures, and even how-to videos. Fantastic!

Zoe Routh

Leadership Mentor | Author | Speaker | Adventurist, ZoeRouth.com

Debbie is very detailed oriented professional especially with drawing out the tasks that I had on my plate and then how to set up a process that would be effective and time-saving in my business.

Debbie is very patient and clear when explaining the systems that were initially quite foreign to me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie’s exceptional services which go hand in hand with you becoming very productive.

Take the step! You won’t look back!

Susan Ingall

Owner, Invest In You

Having recently engaged with Debbie, I can honestly say the support, guidance and practical application that she offers is priceless. Debbie’s delivery is simple and so effective, coupled with outstanding ‘aftercare’. Thoroughly recommend to any business serious about time and money saving process and efficiency.

Dawn Toynton

Career Coach | Outplacement | Training Facilitator, Love Your Work Career Consulting

Debbie is great to work with! She has helped us pull all of our ideas and processes together into one easy to use system that has seen us massively improve our productivity. Thank you Debbie, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Nicole Marsh

Owner, Eureka Buyers Agents

Debbie is awesome. I always enjoy talking to her about productivity and business processes. Her passion for productivity, making things better, and creating efficiencies is inspiring. Specifically, support from Debbie around cloud-based systems and CRM has helped me improve my own productivity – even a “Productivity Ninja” needs help sometimes. 🙂

Matt Cowdroy

Owner, Think Productive Australia

Debbie has been amazing to work with. She has reinvigorated my business and given me plenty of new directions to go in with lots of potential for growth. All her suggestions and advice have been very specific to my business which I think is great as she obviously takes the time to really understand what you do. I have put a lot of her work into practice with great results and am keen to keep working with her. Very highly recommended!

Erin Murphy

Owner, Chase AV