Solution Sessions

Unlocking Your Path to Success

Are you spending hours upon hours searching for answers to your pressing problems?

Do you find yourself caught in a never-ending quest for simple solutions that seem just out of reach?

We understand the value of your time and the need to expedite results. That’s why we offer Solution Sessions, your fast-track to resolving challenges and unlocking your full potential.

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What problems can we solve for you?


Online Booking System

Say goodbye to the hassle of integrating pre-booking forms and questions, customizing communications and fields, and juggling multiple calendars. We’ll streamline your online booking system, making it a breeze for you and your customers.

Developing Automated Workflow

Tired of repetitive manual tasks that drain your energy and lead to mistakes? Let us infuse automation into your workflow, eliminating errors and saving you precious time that can be better spent on growing your business.
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Form Development

Enhance engagement with your audience through captivating online forms. We’ll create dynamic forms and automate the collection and management of data, revolutionising the way you interact with your customers.
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Create an Online Program

Ready to take your knowledge and expertise online but unsure where to start? Our Solution Sessions will guide you through the entire process, from options and development to uploading your program, ensuring your success in the digital realm.
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Marketing Sequences

You’ve crafted the perfect marketing sequence, but you’re not sure how to maximise its impact and target the right audience. Let us dive into your platform and show you how to bring it all together for optimal results.

Connect Your Technology

Unlock the full potential of your business by seamlessly connecting your technology stack. We’ll demonstrate the power of Zapier and simplify the integration process, empowering you to automate daily operations and reap the benefits.

Email Overload

If you’re drowning in a sea of emails, it’s time to regain control. Together, we’ll develop a customised email management process, set up filters and automations, and reveal the hidden features that will transform your inbox into an organised powerhouse.

Planning Session

Need to align your goals and get your business back on track? Our 90-day goal planning session will provide clarity, translating your objectives into actionable steps that are easily manageable. Achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Troubleshooting Technology

When your technology isn’t functioning as it should, it’s time to bring in the experts. Whether it’s customising your CRM, implementing project platforms, or optimising time-tracking systems, our Solution Sessions will diagnose and resolve your tech issues.

And so much more…

Every day, our clients bring us new challenges and we thrive on finding innovative solutions.

Streamlining your operations through efficient processes and cutting-edge technology is our specialty.

Leverage our expertise to uncover the solutions you’ve been seeking.

During a Solution Session, we dedicate our full attention to solving your problem. We’ll unpack your challenge live on the call, present you with a range of solution options, and implement the chosen solution right then and there.

But that’s not all! Your Solution Session will be recorded for future reference, ensuring you never miss a detail. Additionally, we can create short ‘how-to’ videos to help you and your team systemize the solutions we develop.

How Does It Work?

Unlocking your path to success is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Click the button below and find a date that suits you.
2. Complete the form linked in your confirmation email, providing us with a few details about your challenge.
3. Show up on your chosen date, relax, and. letus take care of the rest.

Your Solution Session will last up to 2 hours, allowing us to thoroughly understand your problem, propose actionable solutions, and implement them in real-time via a convenient video call.

Don’t waste another minute on fruitless searches. Invest in your success and book a Solution Session today.

Success Stories

How fabulous to feel like I’m on top of things at work! Debbie took me through Asana and showed me how it could benefit my business. She helped me to identify processes and create templates that would streamline regular activities. I have saved so much time and feel more organised and in control, knowing that I have a process to follow for all my projects. Debbie is very approachable and very knowledgeable, and I have no hesitation in recommending both her and Productivity Hub to anyone in need of some next level organisation in their work.

Kate Hewish – Founder & Landscape Designer, Horte Couture

Debbie was like a lifeline to my business. She took me from overwhelm and total confusion about which systems to use and how they would work seamlessly into my particular business. I had some processes and systems in place when we met but I needed guidance around how to best pull it altogether so I could grow and scale my business efficiently. And get all the information out of my head for others to follow! Debbie helped remove the overwhelm I felt and guided me to map out the overview and then set a plan to break it down and work on small chunks at a time. I’m still in the process but Debbie’s guidance was invaluable to get me started, thank you!

Sarah Yarrow – Principle Designer, Sarah Yarrow Interiors

I worked with Debbie from the Productivity Hub this year to identify gaps and problem areas within my business systems. Her advice was incredibly detailed, and she gave me a stack of tools and ideas that are now helping me gain efficiencies in many areas. I’d highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get organised in their business and free up time for more important work. Thanks Debbie!

Fi Mims – Branding Photography Specialist

Thank you for the invaluable advice and support you’ve given to Profitable People to improve our systems and create efficiencies. I can highly recommend Deb to anyone looking to improve and streamline their business processes to become more productive. I have learnt new and innovative ways to improve how I run my business.

Kath Harris – People-focused | Leadership | Relationship Management | Enabling Change, Profitable People