Planning for 2024

Although we have two months to go before the end of the year (heck thats still 1/6th of the year to go) it is important to be forward thinking about 2024.  It may feel early to start planning for next year however experience shows that by planning early we:

  • Have the luxury of time to plan clearly with thought;
  • Have space to tweak and improve upon what we’ve created;
  • Have the ability to truly reflect on our performance and be honest (no matter how ugly that looks).

So what questions do I ask myself and reflect on when making plans for the following year?

  • How was overall performance for the year?
  • Were financial forecasts and budgets met? Were they realistic?
  • What services were popular?
  • What was most profitable?
  • What do I want to achieve financially for 2024?
Process Improvement
  • Where are the roadblocks or friction in our delivery or execution?
  • Do our deliverables need a refresh or updating? Are they looking a little tired?
  • Is best practice being followed by everyone?
  • Are clients being wowed with what we deliver?
  • How else can we surprise and delight?
Systems and Technology
  • Are we using all the tools we pay for?
  • Are we using all the platform features available or do we need training?
  • Can or should we be automating more?
  • Are any automations not working or unnecessary?
  • What else do we need from our technology?
  • How has the team performed?
  • Do they need additional training?
  • Do they need additional resources?
  • Can they find everything they need easily and quickly?
  • How productive are we being?
Personal Productivity
  • How productive am I daily and weekly?
  • Am I completing what I commit to?
  • Are there tasks I’m avoiding? Why?
  • What additional training do I need?
  • How am I showing up each day?

Once I’ve answered these questions honestly and discussed them with my accountability buddy, I’ll then add anything I need to do or improve as actionable tasks to my 2024 project plan in Asana so that I can track, delegate where needed but importantly incrementally work towards achieving them.

How do you plan for the next year? I’d love to hear what you do and perhaps integrate into my process if you’re willing to share. Hit reply to get in touch.