How I’ve thrived through 8 months of pain

I talk a lot about planning and systems. It is after all the beating heart of how I help others benefit from a productive business, However, in my 10 years of business, it has never been more evident than this year just how important (and quite frankly life saving) effective planning and systems are.

You may have read that I broke my leg on January 1 this year. A significant day and as it turns out, a significant injury. After the normal 12-week recuperation, I had to have another major surgery due to a complication. In total, I was in recovery for a good 8 months (and counting…it’s not over yet). During this time, I was bed bound or quite restricted in movement for many months. The reality is, if I had not had my business and clients to work with, my mental health would have suffered immensely (there are only so many streaming services you can watch) and financially the family would have been impacted.

The reason I was able to keep on easily working was simply because I have good planning habits and business systems that support the day-to-day heaving lifting.

So, what are the three main things that worked from me that can also help you in your day-to-day business?

1. Use the right tools.
  • Project Management and Systemisation – I’ve shared before that Asana is a key tool for the team at Productivity Hub. It’s the cornerstone of managing our projects, allows us to easily systemise how we work with clients, contains links to the procedures and how-to’s and provides a clear picture of business and individual workload from which we can easily plan. It gives me a clear picture of what is one everyone’s plate, shares realtime status of tasks and allows me to plan workload – ensuring that we can do what we promise.
  • Sharing Instructions and Feedback – More so than ever over the past 6 months, Loom has been a lifesaver. The simple screen capture software gives me the opportunity to share clear instructions, provide training and give client and team feedback. Using video caters for all individual learning styles and allows for nuances to be clearly communicated. It’s also a massive timesaver and a lot more productive than writing feedback and instructions.
  • Online Quote Software – We use a platform called Better Proposals for our quotes. As we have templates set up for the standard services we offer, turnaround time from initial enquiry to quote is minimal, the quote presentation is elevated and ease of acceptance simple due to the online signing option. It has made client conversion easy.
2. Be Consistent with Habits
  • It’s easy to fall back into bad habits during time of stress or busyness – Being consistent (even if it takes more time) will serve you and your business in the long term.
  • Use your software religiously – Ensure that your tasks are added to your platform and projects are in place. Take an extra few minutes to flesh out instructions so that the project is systemised for next time and create a quick Loom video sharing how to complete. As I frequently say to my 10-year-old – SLOW IS FAST. Don’t rush and you will get a better end result – quicker.
  • Communicate what is happening with clients and the team – Surprises in a business situation are not the fun kind.
3. Plan, Plan, Plan
  • It’s probably no surprise I’m a massive planner – I co-ordinate Asana and my calendar multiple times per week. I use my calendar for meetings but also block out time to complete larger chunks of work (colour-coded of course). I check Asana – look at tasks that will take more than 1 hour and block time to complete in my calendar. This means that I 100% know I have time to complete and I have no surprise meetings to waylay my week.

Whilst my recovery is not completely over, what I am sure of is that client service levels will remain as high as they always have, the day-to-day management of the business will continue to be smooth with no surprises and that myself and the team can enjoy a low-stress environment.

Is it time to look at your planning and systems?

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