How a perfect storm helped me fix some leaks!

When was the last time you reviewed a process?

Most business owners (particularly if they have worked with me) have their day to day admin processes delegated or outsourced. It’s smart and makes sense. I have the same in my business. I was recently reminded however of just how important it is for me to review these from time to time.

A perfect storm resulted in me picking up the admin process for onboarding a new client. Part of this is where we personalise and create various templates to share. A simple task. However to my surprise – there was a lot wrong. It’s not that there were any glaring problems or mistakes however detail was missing and honestly – detail is very important to me. Not only does it deliver a better client experience but details will also save time and money. Saving 10 minutes here and there quickly adds up to days – and that’s big $$.

So what did I noticed? (I’m sharing the detail as it may trigger something for you to check).

  • Firstly, the instructions to complete the task in our task manager were outdated. The name of the program has changed, and the folder name of where the templates are housed needed updating. Not a problem for current staff however definitely a problem for someone new completing the task.
  • Next, I noticed that my branding was not uniform. My own guidelines had not been followed! Definitely not the image I want to portray.
    • Template format was not the same.
    • Copyright data in footer was more than a couple of years old.
    • Footer font was not uniform.
  • A new template had not been created and an old documented edited each time – yes, that was fine but would take extra time to create (when you’re doing this a few times a month this time quickly adds up).
  • Finally, there were old documents in the folder causing unnecessary clutter – a quick XArchive move and it’s cleaner to manage.

These four points above may not seem like a lot (and indeed only took me a small amount of time to fix) however to update each time this process was completed would add unnecessary additional time to someone’s working week.

I’ve scheduled some time to review the other admin processes…is it time for you to do the same?