Our Process

Our 4-step Process to Take You From Chaos to Calm

You Talk -
We Listen

You share the facts – what you do, how you do it and where you want to be. We dive inside your business to appreciate how it works, the tools you use, and how this aligns with your future goals.

You Share -
We Innovate

You share the detail. We evaluate, consider, then design an effective solution that meets both your immediate and your long-term needs

You Relax -
We Action

You focus on your business priorities and managing your day to day. We focus on our expertise – implementing your solutions.

You Enjoy -
We Guide

You jump in and savour your enhanced way to work. We train and support so you can maximise your efficiency and benefit from immediate profitability.

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I engaged Productivity Hub at the start of the year to bring my business up to speed with the latest online systems and to develop the right processes. We needed defined workflows to help our productivity, improve communications, and be less stressed about everything that needed to get done.

Through Debbie’s help we’re now working in a more streamlined way with automated tasks and project workflows – we’re not only saving time by working more effectively but are less frustrated and overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

Debbie’s approach and work ethic is great. There’s high attention to detail, she addressed our business objectives and ensured all was done to such a high standard. Thank you, Debbie for being so caring and efficient, it has made things so much easier!

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Professional Accredited Coach and Training | Facilitator in Leadership Development, Gaining Outcomes

37 Ways to be Productive (even when you’re not feeling it)

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Secrets to a Productive Business

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One of the most used tech platforms within my business is Zoom - the cloud based video meeting platform.I use Zoom multiple times per day for client meetings (much more efficient than battling Sydney traffic) and at least daily for my team catch ups.  Its simple to use and is extremely reliable.I...

5 Rules to Onboarding Your VA

Start how you mean to go on! Such a great saying and so apt for when the time comes to introduce your VA to your business and get them started. Investing time and effort into the onboarding process will pay dividends in the long run. Here’s five rules to follow when onboarding your VA. Create an...

How to Prepare your Business for a VA

It might not be the most sexy or inspiring part of your business, but technology and documentation are vital to successfully preparing your business for a VA and creating an optimal working relationship with them. Let’s look at four ways you can prepare your business for a VA. Get the right tools...

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Here's our 3rd article in the 'Get VA Ready' series talking all about preparing YOU.  Yes, this isn't a one way road.  So what do you need to think about when undertaking this journey? When we chat with clients about taking on a VA, the common theme is fear. Fear of releasing control over parts of...

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You know you need help, so you’ve just made an important decision. You’re ready to move out of survival mode and into growth mode.Bravo you! This is the decision of someone ready to take their business to the next level and seize control of their time (and sanity!).The good news is you can tap...

5 Signs You Need a VA

It goes without saying that as you business grows, so does your effort and time invested.  For most people this means more hours at their desk, checking off the tasks required to keep everything moving forward.  Keeping clients happy, delivering your services and completing the never-ending...

10 Helpful Tips in Using Office 365 Mail

Business owners spend at least  2.6 hours per day reading and answering emails (that’s about 27 days every year!). It’s no secret that we’d all like to know how to spend that time as efficiently as possible. We searched the web to bring you some seriously productive emailing tips and tricks. Learn...

10 Helpful Tips in Using Gmail

As of late, email has often been the cornerstone of our personal and professional communications. Like most small business owners, processing email probably takes a good chunk of your day.  Looking for some emailing pointers? Fortunately, if you’re a Gmail user, there are a lot of ways to...

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