You already have the tools to take on big business. Here’s how to use them

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Australian small business productivity consultant Debbie Eglin of Productivity Hub says most small businesses are using less than 50 per cent of the technology they already have in place and are paying for.

To really get the most out of your technology and the opportunities to simplify – or even automate process – Eglin says you need to take a step back and map out your activity flow throughout the business.

How To Systemise Your Business Without Creating Complexity with Debbie Eglin

Are we in a post-email era?

By Smart Company

Australian small business productivity consultant Debbie Eglin of Productivity Hub manages an offshore team. For her, communicating via email didn’t make sense when it came to communicating as a remote team.

“We have a daily video meeting to discuss business priorities, plus we converse around particular projects and tasks directly within our project platform – where we can also share documents and have water cooler conversations via chat message.”

By removing the barriers created when using a one-on-one tool – such as email – for the purpose of team discussions, Eglin has found a way to make her team as productive, and collaborative, as possible.

So delighted to be invited to chat with the She Will Shine community and owner Danielle Price about all things Productivity. Such a fun chat - even if she did video it 🙂You can listen to the podcast here.

Had so much fun with Soraya Calavassy of neon black and Nate Kellock ENKE & CO. recording this podcast. Take a listen to us chat all things #productivity

When I found Debbie I had just lost my current virtual assistant, was in the middle of promoting a major event, and launching a major new program. It was the worst time to lose support!

I hired Debbie to set up my admin systems properly so that when we hired our new assistant, it would be super easy. It was a chance to put my house in order – without any of the time or energy or focus I could not afford.

It was the biggest blessing. Debbie made it super easy! After a couple of quick interviews, she went away and did all the hard work, and produced easy to follow workflows, admin procedures, and even how-to videos. Fantastic!

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