How to Prepare Yourself for a VA

Here’s our 3rd article in the ‘Get VA Ready’ series talking all about preparing YOU.  Yes, this isn’t a one way road.  So what do you need to think about when undertaking this journey?

When we chat with clients about taking on a VA, the common theme is fear. Fear of releasing control over parts of their business. Fear of working with someone they don’t know. Fear of the unknown.

Yet, when we speak to them AFTER they have gone through the process of engaging a VA, documenting processes, building trust, and working together, there is no fear at all. Simply confidence and a general feeling of “why didn’t I do this sooner?”.

So how do you prepare yourself for creating an effective relationship with a VA that benefits all parties – you, the VA, your clients and your business?


The fear of failure paralyses so many business owners. How many of you have started sentences with the words, “What if….?”

What if it’s a disaster? What if my business suffers? What if I lose clients? What if I invest money into this and it doesn’t work?

Let’s look at flipping that negative or worst-case scenario mindset around to a growth mindset. We can still use the words “What if…?’ but let’s take a positive approach!

What if this makes myself and my business more efficient? What if this gives me time back to focus on taking my business to the next level? What if get to see my family more?

See the difference? All it takes is flipping the mindset switch from negative to positive.

When you’re open to change, you’re open to growth.


Investing time at the beginning of the process is vital to the success of the VA/business owner relationship. Expect to spend time preparing, developing and documenting all the necessary information for the VA to complete their tasks. The good news is The Productivity Hub’s VA Ready Program streamlines and assists you with this process.

Setting expectations around what you want to achieve from the relationship will also help when preparing to take on a VA. They’re here to complete the day to day operational tasks of your business and support you. They’re not here to wave a magic wand and fix everything for you – that’s your job now that you’re free to work at that strategic level again!

We also spoke about the difference between a generalist VA and a specialist VA in Choosing the Right VA for You. Don’t employ a generalist VA and expect them to specialise in certain areas.

And remember, your VA isn’t you. Let’s be clear about that. But that’s a good thing! The best thing about collaboration is tapping into people’s experience and knowledge. Many VA’s work with a variety of clients. As a result, they have seen what works (and what doesn’t) in other businesses. Their knowledge can benefit you and your business. 

Define your needs

Don’t set your VA up to fail. Be clear from the start about what tasks need to be completed by defining your needs and sharing your knowledge of the business.

Take some time to identify the tasks that are filling up your to do list and taking you away from strategizing, selling and delivering within your business.

This is the start point and foundation of creating clear workflow pathways and How-To procedures. This is how you share with your VA what you want them to do, how you want them to do it and the end result you expect.

Business owners have a fear of letting go, but when you bring a VA into your business all prepared with bulletproof processes, you can let go with confidence.

Opening yourself up to change, investing time in preparing for that change and focusing on the positives of engaging a VA can transform your personal productivity and business prosperity. What’s not to love about that?

If you’re keen to find out more give me a shout. We’ve loved seeing the positive impacts the program has already had on our clients’ businesses.