How to Prepare your Business for a VA

It might not be the most sexy or inspiring part of your business, but technology and documentation are vital to successfully preparing your business for a VA and creating an optimal working relationship with them.

Let’s look at four ways you can prepare your business for a VA.

Get the right tools

Business can be transformed through technology. Automation and systemisation supports the business and the relationship you have with your VA by minimising risk. The correct systems and tools make the day to day tasks happen. At the right time. In the right way. By the right person.

Automated task or project management platforms give you a 360-degree view of your business and tracks yours and your VA’s workflow.

Go back to basics and make sure your VA has an email address with your business’ domain name and access to the software and programs your company works with.

And don’t forget to build the interpersonal relationship too. Video communication platforms are a great tool to use to connect with your VA and ‘bring them into the building’.

The right tools and platforms, with the right people using them, allows your business to effortlessly thrive.

Document workflows

Many small business owners have the procedures of their business firmly implanted in their head. They might be flying solo and have not found it necessary to document the processes required to deliver an outcome for their client. That might be okay (although we never recommend it!) when you’re the only person in the business, but when you are bringing a VA on board, you’ll need to document workflows. Or employ a VA with a crystal ball!

A documented workflow is effectively a roadmap for your VA – a combination of tasks required to be completed to achieve a specific outcome. It makes it clear what tasks are to be done, when they are to be completed, by whom and how.

The workflow – expected order of tasks – is entered into an automated task management or project management platform that notifies a VA and a business owner when a task is required to be completed or has been completed. This means that even when things are crazy busy, everything still flows the way it is meant to be.

Document how-to procedures

Mitigating risk is vital to business success. Documenting how tasks are to be completed can make a huge impact on the efficiency and growth of your business.

How-To procedures work in tandem with the workflow tasks. As the VA follows the workflow, having access to a simple How-To video or easy to read procedure on how to complete each task gives them knowledge, autonomy and means they aren’t drawing on your time whenever they are unsure how to complete a specific task.

And what if your business takes off after engaging a VA? You may well need another VA and another to keep up! Having simple procedures presented in a video format or documented saves you time when training new staff and minimises the risk of errors during daily operations.

Develop guidelines, checklists and templates

Checklists, templates and guidelines are reference points when workflow is followed, procedures are adhered to and tasks are completed.

Without these checks and balances with your business, brand value may be diminished, safety elements missed, or shortcuts taken that can impact customer outcomes and damage your hard-earned reputation.

All these elements – tools, technology, documentation of workflows and procedures, checklists, templates and guidelines – they all work together to help you and your VA build trust in each other, the processes and the business.

For a busy entrepreneur like yourself, this frees you up to focus on your business. Or the opportunity to step away for whatever reason – holiday, personal development, training, rest, preparation of an exit strategy – with full confidence that tasks will still be completed in the right order and by the right person.

Call us to chat about getting your business VA Ready with our 3 month and 6 month programs. We’ve seen our clients break free from overwhelm and move towards pure freedom within their life and business. You can too.