How much time do you waste answering questions?

I’ve seen a pattern emerging over the past couple of months with some of my small business clients – all at different stages of their business but with similar issues.

Sales are good and the business is running well but they’ve identified they are the bottleneck to getting things done and they don’t seem to have time to work on their own priorities. The reason? Staff and contractors are still checking in with them and asking, seemingly quick questions and wanting clarification on simple things.

So why is this happening? When these ‘quick’ questions are multiplied by 20 or the number of staff and contractors you have, the time it takes to respond adds up to a lot of unnecessary work and time spend on unproductive tasks. If this sounds familiar (or you want to avoid this while your business is growing), we have a very simple solution…particularly if you’re a G Suite user!

Those of us from a corporate background will be used to accessing an intranet or similar portal that’s your go-to for information. HR forms, internal policies, internal procedures – the one place that shares everything you need to know about the company and it’s internal workings.

Having a portal like this means that there’s only one source of truth (and only one place to access important documents and forms), it reduces pressure on Managers answering simple operations and procedure questions and allows for efficient sourcing of information for employees and contractors.

So why don’t small businesses have this too?

For many small business owners it’s the perception that it’s too hard – too much information to gather and too technical to build.

The reality is (especially if you’re a G Suite user) creating your intranet using Google Sites is as simple as using Canva – a simple drag and drop to build and then link your content to view.

Of course, ideally you would plan the flow of information and identify the content to share but to get a basic intranet off the ground and to start gaining immediate efficiencies is really quite simple, and will definitely improve your operations and business productivity.

So, how much time do you spend each day fielding questions and what else should you be working on?

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Introducing EASE…our 4-step methodology

Whilst we are elevating how we work with clients and simplifying our own internal process – our promise remains the same:

To create the systems that transforms business for high performing business owners to experience ease, create an impact and enjoy life