How can process make sales fun?


The thought can conjure up anxiety, trepidation or simply downright fear. For many business owners the sales process is a necessary evil. Something that’s uncomfortable to do but without it – everything stops.

So how can we make it easier, more fulfilling and – dare I say it – fun?

Easy. Tighten up your sales process.

Wrapping a rock solid process around your sales functions allows you to take the mystery out of selling. It will save you time and provide a structure to work with which will give you clarity, confidence and control. Exactly what you need to demonstrate during your sales interactions.

So, what can we do to make the sales process flow with ease?

Create a workflow

Standardising your sales process will help you become infinitely more comfortable with performing the sales tasks. As each prospect follows exactly the same steps it gives you the opportunity to batch tasks (perform the same task for multiple clients) which not only will save you time but also give you great practice to improve your confidence.

Create some kick-ass communications

There’s no need to waste time creating bespoke emails for email enquiry. Instead spend time upfront creating some awesome templates which include your sales messages, links to social proof and a strong call to action. This will ensure that even when you’re super busy you’ll still be putting your best foot forward. Don’t forget to personalise the first paragraph when sending to avoid sounding robotic.

Integrate and automate

Integrate your website enquiry form with your CRM and marketing platform so that prospects details flow to where they need to be. Automate meeting reminders and the tracking of the sales lead so prospects don’t disappear into the ether. If you have high volume clients you could also automate the initial communications (although for most service based businesses a personal touch goes a long way).

Create a plan of action

Create a plan for your sales call or meeting. Develop it into a template so that your meeting has a structure to follow to keep you on track. Consider what information you need to collate and what questions to ask. Note some key messages you want to share in case you become flustered. Highlight the next steps so your prospect knows exactly what to expect.

Keep track

Keep track of what’s next. Use your sales workflow as a template to follow – load it into your CRM or project manager so you always know who to contact and what stage they are at.

Using the tips above to create a simple sales process will allow you to stay on course, never miss an opportunity and provide a clear and professional experience for your client. You never know – it may also make the whole process fun!

If you would like to go deeper into your sales process feel free to book a call.