How to Get Everything Done

A client recently asked me how they can capture everything they need to do and have the time to get everything done.  What is the magic formula?

Although I don’t have a magic formula as not everyone works in the same way, I did share with them an overview of how I capture everything, and what works well for me.

I thought it may be useful to share with you too…

How I capture everything and schedule my time

General & Recurring tasks:

  1. I use a platform called Insightly which is a combined CRM and task/project manager.
  • Within Insightly I have pre-determined workflows which create automated tasks – for example, the action of engaging a new client creates tasks such as connecting on social media, organising a time to catch up, sending out a business overview etc.  These tasks automatically filter into my to do list once the workflow is applied to the contact.
  • I also use Insightly to schedule recurring tasks such as a review of social media, updating website plug ins, completing my monthly accounts etc.  Again, these are automatically applied to my task list based on the schedule set.

Using these tools means I can concentrate on my daily to do list with the comfort that all tasks have been captured.

Project-based tasks

  1. Any large project that I’m working on gets broken down into smaller chunks.  For example, I’m currently working on development of online training.  As this project has many components I’ve set a recurring daily task to complete one chunk per day.  This makes the project manageable, doesn’t overwhelm me and will be completed to schedule.
  2. A project that requires a few hours of concentration such as completing website updates will go into my task list but I’ll also schedule the time out in my calendar.  With the time blocked out I can be assured that no meetings or calls will be scheduled and I will have the space to concentrate on the project at hand.

There is no right or wrong  –  not everyone works in the same way – the most important thing is to find out what works well for you.  It could be using a Task App, having a written ‘to do’ list or using a couple of tools to stay on track.  There will be some trial and error in finding the perfect formula for you so if your current way isn’t working, try something else.  You’ll soon hit on the best way for you and your working style.