Why I love Evernote
Evernote is a productivity dream.  Its my online note book that I use to record literally everything. I can access from my phone, iPad, laptop, desktop or any other computer that has internet access.  I can update it offline and it will synchronise with all my devices. I will never leave it somewhere or lose it forever and it never takes up extra space in my bag.

My notes are stored in different notebooks within the program giving me instant access (and simple tagged searches) so I don’t waste time flipping pages of a traditional book looking for a particular note.

When inspiration strikes I can add a note by typing, leaving a voice memo or a personal favourite, automatic transcribe of a voice memo to text – I can record my ideas anywhere at anytime all with a coffee in hand.

I can save articles or pages I find online with one click and store them for later reading or research.

I can share notes with my team and add follow up reminders and it integrates with many other apps and cloud technologies for even greater productivity opportunities.  There are many features all of which are incredibly useful.

So what do I use Evernote for?

  • My daily and weekly task list
  • My 30 and 90 day business goals
  • Blog and social media articles – both ideas and written so I always have content available.
  • Articles and ideas of apps and new technology to research
  • Notes and actions from client meetings
  • Notes and actions from presentations and conferences

If you’ve not already, I urge you to check out Evernote and explore how it can save you time and reduce frustrations – I’m not affiliated just a raving fan!

If you’re unsure how best to implement into your business, book in for a free 20 minute chat and in that time we can get Evernote up and running in your business – Free of charge with no obligations – simply because we think its an awesome tool that every small business owner should have.

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