Simple beautiful Design with Canva

If like me, you’re a little design challenged, this free design tool from Canva will be an absolute blessing to your small business.

As small business owners we often need to create beautiful imagery for our blog posts, social media communications and online or offline customer communications.  Without access to expensive and complicated software our only other option is to outsource this task which eats into our bottom line and time.  What if you were able to create these images yourself in less time it takes to send the job request and download the finished product immediately?

You can!  The simplicity of using Canva is its forte.  There are pre-designed templates for many business uses including correctly sized templates for social media platforms, or you can create your own custom template.  You can upload your own images (photos, business logos) or use the images Canva has available, then it’s a simple drag and drop to design the background, add text or photos and finalise your perfect image.

Canva is a free online software program.  You can upload your own photos and images to use or utilise some of their free design images and fonts to create your design.  If you want to use some of their more bespoke imagery there’s a small charge of around $1.

Even with my challenge for design I’ve created some amazing images that I’ve used across many mediums.  If you’ve not tried Canva yet, give it a go, it may become your new favourite tool.

Canva are launching ‘Canva for Work’ next month – if you’d like to be one of the first to experience this register here.