I’m delighted to have been selected as a presenter at the BBB Virtual Small Business Summit sharing a topic very close to my heart – how to systemise your business.

Systemising your business will have enormous benefit: better personal and business productivity, ensuring clients always receive premium service, instilling best practice throughout your organisation and is also a financial asset to your business should you wish to sell, franchise or licence in the future.

The process to systemise isn’t complicated but cannot be achieved overnight. It takes care and thought to ensure that your define your best practice and document exactly how things should be done within your business. 

Once you’ve watch my video and made some notes, I’d love to chat with you about how you can best document and benefit.

Simply book a call. I look forward to catching up.

I can thoroughly recommend Debbie to help you get your workflow and processes all thought through and written down and then where possible automated or outsourced. Deb loves systems and processes and technology that makes boring work simple.

I have really appreciated her careful approach to helping me get the back-end of my business organised.

John Drury
Business Mentor

I have been in business for many years always studiously working hard and thinking in the back of my mind that there must be an easier way of doing things.

Synchronicity always plays an important role in everyone’s life – the timing was perfect. I met Debbie at a business networking group. After listening to her presentation I knew that she was the person I was looking for.

At our first meeting, Debbie had compiled enough information to profile my needs and set an agenda to start changing the way I do business.

Debbie explained how to create processes to streamline and articulate the many facets of my design-based renovation service. Using different platforms to assist the process, Debbie started to demonstrate how to be organised and in control of your workflow and the team members that create a successful business. Debbie has changed the way I do business – I can’t thank her enough.

Cherel Millist
Director, Brilliant Design Concepts

I have been working with Debbie from Productivity Hub to get my administration systems organised and implement processes into my practice.

Debbie was so patient, very generous with her time and able to meet me at my level. She really simplified the whole process for me to even make it enjoyable!

I cannot recommend Productivity Hub enough as it has enabled me to have easy-to-follow workflows, administrative procedures supported with how-to videos, which has really reduced the overwhelm I was initially feeling. So much gratitude!

Deidre Dattoli
Executive Trainer, Mentor, and Keynote Speaker

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Systemise Your Business


Systemise Your Business


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Meet Debbie

Debbie Eglin Small Business Productivity ExpertAs a small business owner with a young family I know how difficult it can be to get quality time together, or even some quality time alone!  I’m passionate about helping other small business owners get this time back and being able to appreciate the freedom they’ve earned. From a young age, I demanded order in my life – sharing a bedroom with an untidy older sister resulted in a taped line down the centre ensuring that my half had everything in its place.  Not only did I have more time to play & explore but I also avoided the dreaded ‘tidy your room’ conversations.

Working in corporate administration for over 20 years has taught me that although business systems and processes aren’t sexy and are often unloved, they’re an absolute necessity for your business productivity and growth. I’ve met with many small business owners who are amazing at what they do and believe that the ever-increasing time spent on non-money-making activities is unavoidable. Not so.  Many functions in your business can now be streamlined and automated giving you more time to continue to make money or spend quality time doing what you love.

I take great pride in my ethical and honest approach to working with other small business owners and if I can’t add value or achieve the results you want, I’ll be upfront and let you know. When I’m not running around with my toddler or enjoying an early morning SUP, I play up to my geek side by getting excited about new technology and apps.

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