Are you productive … but ineffective?

We’re all told to work on our business and not in it – yet it’s impossible to find the time. After all, you probably feel you’re already super-productive because you:

  • Outsource tasks
  • Automate technology
  • Use a sweet project/task management platform that handles your workload and priorities.

So, why isn’t your business moving forward?

You may be productive, but you’re also ineffective

You’re so caught up doing the ‘busy work’ of your business you never get to the things that allow your business to grow.

Which means it’s time to get your priorities straight.

“You may be productive but you’re ineffective. It’s time to get your priorities straight and become an effective performer.”

Given there are hundreds of tips on time management, productivity and achieving goals I thought I’d narrow things down a bit. Here are three very simple tips which will boost your effectiveness and help move your business forward.

1. Develop your growth game plan

If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? It’s time to:

  • Treat each business-building goal as a project – identify the tasks you need to complete, develop the timeline to complete those tasks and determine the resources you need to make it happen.
  • Break those tasks down into manageable chunks – this will help avoid overwhelm and procrastination when completing them. Ideally your tasks will take less than an hour to complete. Use the ‘focus hour’ methodology (commit to spending an hour on one task and turn off all distractions) to make it happen.
  • Write down your tasks on your to-do list or project platform. Block out the time in your calendar to avoid over commitment and ensure you have the time to complete. Commit to making these tasks non-negotiable in the same way client projects are non-negotiable.

2. Get your priorities front and centre

Go old school:

  • Write your business goals on a whiteboard and hang it in your line of vision. Having these up in lights and seeing them every day is a massive help to staying focused on your priorities.
  • From your game plan, write your daily or weekly non-negotiable task up in lights on the same whiteboard. Visibility leads to action. Do not finish your day until this task is complete.
  • Take pleasure in crossing this out once complete.

3. Take a break

When you commit 100% and perform at your peak you need to take a break. It may feel counter-productive when your to-do list is never ending but without it, you will burn out.

  • Regular breaks vastly improve your focus and also stimulate creative ideas.
  • It doesn’t need to be ‘dead’ time. If you’re working from a home office take 10 minutes to hang some laundry or pre-prep dinner. If you feel like some fun pump up some tunes and have a dance. Whatever you do – stand up and move.

Everyone is striving for a successful business. Everyone’s busier than we want to be. The truth is, everyone can become an effective performer. Get started with these three tips and watch with delight as your business finally takes some key steps forward.

If you’re keen to discover how you can become an Effective Performer simply book a call.