Are you hitting your peak?

All small business owners have highs and lows throughout their day.  I’m not talking about the high you get from winning a big deal I’m talking about the personal energy levels you feel throughout your day.  The surges of activity and creativity you experience that are aligned to your circadian rhythm.

By understanding and mapping your own daily rhythm you’ll be able to tap into your natural energy resources allowing you to leverage your time in a more productive manner.  If you don’t understand when your natural energy sources reach their peak you may find that you’re struggling to complete a complicated task when your energy and clarity is waning.

So how do you map your energy levels?  Simply think about an average day.  Are your energy levels high in the morning and taper off towards lunch?  Do you have a second surge of energy mid afternoon?  Do you prefer to ease into your day and hit your stride during the evening?  Once you understand where your bursts of energy are, map tasks that compliment your energy levels. When energy is high focus on tasks that require inspiration and strategic thinking.  When levels abate focus on tasks that produce momentum and when levels are low complete tasks that require less creative brain power.

Aligning your business tasks with your daily energy levels will elevate the quality and quantity of your endeavours.  It will also ensure you are working to peak productivity within your business and you will find that you achieve more with much less effort.

Take five minutes out and map your levels.  Rearrange your working schedule so that tasks to complete are complemented by the right energy level.  Spend a week working with this new process and watch the difference it makes to you and your business.

I’d love to hear the difference it makes to you – drop me a note and let me know!