5 Signs You Need a VA

It goes without saying that as you business grows, so does your effort and time invested.  For most people this means more hours at their desk, checking off the tasks required to keep everything moving forward.  Keeping clients happy, delivering your services and completing the never-ending administration tasks.

At this stage you’re in survival mode.  Your focus is on getting things done to allow you to stay afloat and out of trouble. You can only sustain this for so long. In all too short a time you’ll realise that the new amazing service you dreamt off still hasn’t been launched, your business goals haven’t been met and you have nothing left, to focus on your business growth.

You already know that help is out there so when is the right time to take the leap?

1.  You’re working non-stop and feel like your business needs you 24/7

You’re starting to feel uncomfortable.  You’re feeling the pressure and its frustrating.  Despite all of your efforts you’re not getting ahead. You feel like you’re doing all the right things – time blocking tasks, focusing on your most important tasks first, organising the hell out of your day but nothing seems to be working.

The truth is that there gets to a stage of your business when even a productive super hero can’t get everything done.  It’s simply not possible – the task vs. time ratio doesn’t compute and you need someone else to step in.

It’s not a negative reflection of you but a reflection of your success.

2.  Client delivery is suffering

When your business is successful and ‘busyness’ starts to ramp up this is often the time when your routine administration tasks start to lapse.

For many people this means missed sales opportunities simply because they didn’t have time to update their CRM after the last sales conversation.  Prospect follow ups are easily missed as the urgent takes priority.  Simple oversights in calendar management means forgetting an important meeting. These simple routine tasks can turn your business or practice on its axis and derail everything you’ve worked for. 

These simple and routine tasks can easily be delegated to someone else leaving you the space and freedom to focus on your high value work.

3.  Health and Personal Relationships are Deteriorating

It’s a sad fact that most business owners at some point feel the pinch of work affecting their personal life.  This can transpire as missing out on weekend fun with family and friends in order to meet a deadline or not being able to leave your pain at work and bringing the stressed and grumpy you into the home.

When our lives are one dimensional and solely focused on work, it will also eventually be damaging to our health.  No one starts a business or practice to suffer, we start it to achieve our goals and desires and attain freedom.  This is still possible.

4.  You’re Frustrated and Overwhelmed

You’re not someone who feels out of control yet here you are.  There’s little time to practice your expertise because you feel more of a glorified admin assistant.  There’s no feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day just a big long list of things that are yet to be done.  It’s a never-ending hamster wheel of stuff to do that’s gathering speed but not going anywhere.  This isn’t how it was meant to be.

Often there’s no getting away from these low-level tasks that just have to be done. Yes, we can automate the hell out of our business but the admin will still be there.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it.

5.  You cannot scale your business

Lets face it – you didn’t start your business to secure yourself a job. You did it to achieve personal and financial success.  As we’ve already recognised, there’s only a certain amount that you can do with the time available before it falls into a heap.  Developing a successful business takes more than just accomplishing your day-to-day tasks and if you’re barely achieving this – it’s time to employ some help.

The good news is that with the global marketplace at our fingertips, we now have the opportunity to employ the right skills and the right rate that fits with our personal business.  This will be different for everyone. If you’ve recognised yourself in one or more of these 5 points, it’s time to put the feelers out and find some help before it really starts to hurt.