Success Stories

We worked with Debbie to get a lot of processes out of my head and into the real world. She helped us integrate our sales process into the right technology and set up a powerful client project management solution by integrating a few platforms together. Now we can easily proactively manage client work across the company. Clients have more access to information and files are stored centrally. She certainly knows her stuff. Highly recommend.

Kaylene Grieve

SEO & Social Media Strategist | Online Marketing, Sales, SEO & Social Media

I can’t recommend Productivity Hub’s services enough to help streamline your business. The simplicity of their tailored solutions has saved me so much time and money within my coaching company and has freed me up to do more of what I love.

Just one of the changes suggested has improved my productivity around managing my blogs, writing and note-taking for seminars, webinars, general business writing, and presentation activities. Instead of having notes and files everywhere, I have one simple, fast, and efficient method. This is just one of the many examples of nifty apps, cool tools, and cloud-based systems that Debbie suggested I utilise within my business helping me work more efficiently.

If you value your time and would like to use it in the most effective manner possible, I can not recommend enough the services of Productivity Hub.

Paige Schwartz

Founder, Paige Schwartz – Creating You Inc.

I engaged Productivity Hub at the start of the year to bring my business up to speed with the latest online systems and to develop the right processes. We needed defined workflows to help our productivity, improve communications, and be less stressed about everything that needed to get done.

Through Debbie’s help we’re now working in a more streamlined way with automated tasks and project workflows – we’re not only saving time by working more effectively but are less frustrated and overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

Debbie’s approach and work ethic is great. There’s high attention to detail, she addressed our business objectives and ensured all was done to such a high standard. Thank you, Debbie for being so caring and efficient, it has made things so much easier!

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Professional Accredited Coach and Training | Facilitator in Leadership Development, Gaining Outcomes

Debbie has been a fabulous help in helping me organise my admin tasks and implement processes in my business. This has, in turn, saved me an enormous amount of time so I can get out and talk to more clients instead of being stuck in admin. I would highly recommend her to any small business, to improve productivity and document your processes.

Sally Prowse

Owner, Sandcastle Finance

Deb was exceptional in her commitment to helping me put systems in place with my business. She has fresh ideas and creative approaches which really worked for me. Deb is a great listener and skilled at responding to what was important for me in line with my values. I have recommended Deb to several friends and family members and would always think of her first to assist any business owner to get their business on track.

Gerry Mobbs

Practice Director, Peace of Mind Clinical Psychological Services

I can thoroughly recommend Debbie to help you get your workflow and processes all thought through and written down and then where possible automated or outsourced. Deb loves systems and processes and technology that makes boring work simple.

I have really appreciated her careful approach to helping me get the back-end of my business organised.

John Drury

Business Mentor, John Drury

When I found Debbie I had just lost my current virtual assistant, was in the middle of promoting a major event, and launching a major new program. It was the worst time to lose support!

I hired Debbie to set up my admin systems properly so that when we hired our new assistant, it would be super easy. It was a chance to put my house in order – without any of the time or energy or focus I could not afford.

It was the biggest blessing. Debbie made it super easy! After a couple of quick interviews, she went away and did all the hard work, and produced easy to follow workflows, admin procedures, and even how-to videos. Fantastic!

Zoe Routh

Leadership Mentor | Author | Speaker | Adventurist, Zoe Routh

Debbie is very detailed oriented professional especially with drawing out the tasks that I had on my plate and then how to set up a process that would be effective and time-saving in my business.

Debbie is very patient and clear when explaining the systems that were initially quite foreign to me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie’s exceptional services which go hand in hand with you becoming very productive.

Take the step! You won’t look back!

Susan Ingall

Owner, Invest In You

Having recently engaged with Debbie, I can honestly say the support, guidance and practical application that she offers is priceless. Debbie’s delivery is simple and so effective, coupled with outstanding ‘aftercare’. Thoroughly recommend to any business serious about time and money saving process and efficiency.

Dawn Toynton

Career Coach | Outplacement | Training Facilitator, Love Your Work Career Consulting

Debbie is great to work with! She has helped us pull all of our ideas and processes together into one easy to use system that has seen us massively improve our productivity. Thank you Debbie, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Nicole Marsh

Owner, Eureka Buyers Agents

Debbie is awesome. I always enjoy talking to her about productivity and business processes. Her passion for productivity, making things better, and creating efficiencies is inspiring. Specifically, support from Debbie around cloud-based systems and CRM has helped me improve my own productivity – even a “Productivity Ninja” needs help sometimes. 🙂

Matt Cowdroy

Owner, Think Productive Australia

Debbie has been amazing to work with. She has reinvigorated my business and given me plenty of new directions to go in with lots of potential for growth. All her suggestions and advice have been very specific to my business which I think is great as she obviously takes the time to really understand what you do. I have put a lot of her work into practice with great results and am keen to keep working with her. Very highly recommended!

Erin Murphy

Owner, Chase AV

Debbie’s expertise has made a huge difference to the way I have been able to develop and expand my business. Debbie works quietly and achieves tremendous results. Most importantly, having access to all my online accounts, Debbie is highly trustworthy. I have already recommended Debbie to several of my collegues who also love her work. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Dianne Munns

Founder, Northern Beaches Diabetes & Weight Management

Debbie has helped me to grow my three businesses – Lotus Centre, TENS Pain Relief, and my therapy business – by assisting to outline a clear business and marketing plan, implementing marketing projects, more efficient office procedures, reviewing and upgrading our image, and generally assisting with project management.

Heather Cavill Greer

Founder & Director, Lotus Centre, Labour TENS, and TENS Pain Relief

Thank you Productivity Hub for your help with focusing our business, and the subsequent increase we have had in efficiency.  It is easy to get caught up in the day to day, working transactionally.  With the simple tips and tricks you shared we found ourselves taking little steps, easily improving the business, implementing technology which streamlined our processes, and increased our profits.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Caroline Beggs

Founder & Business Manager, CSS Equipment

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