Our Process

Our 4-step Process to Take You From Chaos to Calm

You Talk -
We Listen

You share the facts – what you do, how you do it and where you want to be. We dive inside your business to appreciate how it works, the tools you use, and how this aligns with your future goals.

You Share -
We Innovate

You share the detail. We evaluate, consider, then design an effective solution that meets both your immediate and your long-term needs

You Relax -
We Action

You focus on your business priorities and managing your day to day. We focus on our expertise – implementing your solutions.

You Enjoy -
We Guide

You jump in and savour your enhanced way to work. We train and support so you can maximise your efficiency and benefit from immediate profitability.

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I engaged Productivity Hub at the start of the year to bring my business up to speed with the latest online systems and to develop the right processes. We needed defined workflows to help our productivity, improve communications, and be less stressed about everything that needed to get done.

Through Debbie’s help we’re now working in a more streamlined way with automated tasks and project workflows – we’re not only saving time by working more effectively but are less frustrated and overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

Debbie’s approach and work ethic is great. There’s high attention to detail, she addressed our business objectives and ensured all was done to such a high standard. Thank you, Debbie for being so caring and efficient, it has made things so much easier!

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Professional Accredited Coach and Training | Facilitator in Leadership Development, Gaining Outcomes

Why Systems Matter.

Every business owner knows that time is one of their most valuable assets.  So why do we waste so much of it with out dated ways of working? On any one day business owners complete many actions that are replicable, however most will complete these actions time and time again out of habit without...

Podcast: Getting Organised When it Feels Like You’re Buried


3 Productivity Hacks for Small Business

How many hats do you wear in a day? If you are like most small business owners, you wear more than one, often at the same time. Starting a small business takes a lot of work. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done – most business owners spend evenings and weekends trying to get...

Are you productive … but ineffective?

We’re all told to work on our business and not in it – yet it’s impossible to find the time. After all, you probably feel you’re already super-productive because you: Outsource tasks Automate technology Use a sweet project/task management platform that handles your workload and priorities. So, why...

A simple after-sales process that will turbo-charge future sales

After you’ve worked hard to get the sale, establish trust and deliver a high-quality solution to your client, what next? Here’s a simple after-sales process every soloist can use to generate more work. We all know that great clients give great referrals. We know that asking our clients for...

5 things I learnt from picking up the phone

When it comes to making a sales call do you evade or embrace? Is it a big fat elephant in the room? Do you avoid eye contact and hope instead that the phone will ring? I’m probably like most small business owners – great at what I do but when it comes to the sales cycle I’m not as structured or...

My Top 5 Productivity Tips

Do you find yourself frustrated at the end of your working day?  Feel like you've been 'busy' all day yet actually achieved nothing?  Where the hell did your time go? I have a question.  Are you being busy or productive? Many small business owners I speak with feel like this and the reason...

3 Simple IT Tasks (that could save your business)

When it comes to IT most small business owners just want it to work. They don’t need or want to know the detail and happily outsource this side of things to someone else. That’s great. I’m always supportive of outsourcing complex tasks! As the business owner, however, it is your responsibility to...

Insightly – Why it’s my No. 1 tool

My go - to tool for business is Insightly CRM.  Its at the centre of my day to day world and houses my CRM (customer database), my current  and future tasks and manages my projects and prospects.  But it also does so much more. There many reasons I love working with Insightly - here’s my top 3....

What happens when you admit things are not going well?

This week I decided to be honest about where my business was at. I decided to move past the fears that I’d be perceived as weak, unsuccessful and that my business and personal brand would suffer. A client recently asked me if I had the capacity for them to refer someone to me. Before I could...

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