Debbie Eglin - Small Business Solutions Specialist

My writing is published on Flying Solo, a website brimming with small business advice. Read my articles here.

As a small business owner with a young family I know how difficult it can be to get quality time together, or even some quality time alone!  I’m passionate about helping other small business owners get this time back and being able to appreciate the freedom they’ve earned. From a young age I demanded order in my life –sharing a bedroom with an untidy older sister resulted in a taped line down the centre ensuring that my half had everything in its place.  Not only did I have more time to play & explore but I also avoided the dreaded ‘tidy your room’ conversations.
Working in corporate administration for over 20 years has taught me that although business systems and processes aren’t sexy and are often unloved, they’re an absolute necessity for your business productivity and growth. I’ve met with many small business owners who are amazing at what they do and believe that the ever increasing time spent on non money making activities is unavoidable.  Not so.  Many functions in your business can now be streamlined and automated giving you more time to continue to make money or spend quality time doing what you love.
I take great pride in my ethical and honest approach to working with other small business owners and if I can’t add value or achieve the results you want, I’ll be upfront and let you know. When I’m not running around with my toddler or enjoying an early morning SUP, I play up to my geek side by getting excited about new technology and apps.

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